Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company
Medical Provider Network (MPN)

Your employer utilizes the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company/TMC Medical Provider Network with the goal of providing you and your follow coworkers with prompt, appropriate, and quality medical care, by using providers who are recognized in the industry as professionals specializing in occupational health care. With some exceptions, generally if you file a claim for a work injury, all medical treatment will be exclusively provided within the network.

In this website, you will find some helpful links that will help you better understand the MPN process, including a link for MPN Forms and Letters, allowing you to view and print documents containing useful information about how the MPN operates. Further, there is a Provider Lookup link allowing you to search for providers in a specific area and/or area of practice. You may also find the Frequently Asked Questions link useful, as well as a link to the MPN information put out by the State of California Division of Workers' Compensation.

Email questions to MPNhelp@aartpa.com

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